Menopause support

Our online menopause clinic is here to support you through your menopause journey, with personalised care from the UK’s leading women’s health experts.

Our team of specialists are passionate about providing the latest evidence-based advice on menopause symptoms and treatment options. The care we provide is completely independent, and rooted in treating you as an individual with your own unique symptoms.

One-to-one services

Menopause nurses

Practical advice, ongoing support and reassurance to answer any questions you have about menopause

Menopause nutritionists & dieticians

Personalised diet and nutrition support for your menopause journey

Menopause counselling

Therapy and support for your mental and emotional health, anxieties, relationship issues and any specific challenges you are facing.

Menopause pelvic health

Pelvic health physiotherapy to support with any pain or weakness you are experiencing as a result of the menopause

Support for all of your reproductive healthcare needs

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